Achieve Every Goal With Unparalleled Customization

The Sports Massage Guy can not only help you train better, perform more strongly, or recover faster - He can do all those things, and so much more! With specific goal-focused massage sessions built around your needs/wants.


Customized sessions of 60, 90, 120 minutes of mixed modalities including deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, cupping and scrapping. Any and all may be used, depending on your preference. I will help you to get out of pain, improve your mobility and performance and feel great!

60 minutes Body Work Session $120

90 minutes Body Work Session $170

120 minutes Body Work Session $230


DEEP TISSUE; is an amazingly potent style of bodywork that literally reaches deep within the layers of muscle tissue to release long-held knots and scar tissue, while improving blood and lymphatic circulation.

SPORTS MASSAGE; If injury and pain caused by strenuous competition are the lock, then sports massage is the athlete's key to a more fulfilling physical sporting experience. It links kinesthetic awareness to every movement, enhancing recovery times and introducing a whole new dimension of flexibility while reducing pain and swelling in the body at the same time.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY; trigger points are spots that produce pain when compressed. In many cases, trigger points forms as a result of trauma to the muscle fibers. Targeting this tender muscles knots will alleviate pain and tension.


Cupping Therapy is a form of body work that utilizes suction or reverse pressure that is used to loosen muscles, increase circulation and sedate the nervous system. It works to remove "energy blockages" in the same way acupuncture would, while providing some of the same benefits as a modern massage, such as: releasing trigger points, hydrating fascia, and relieving muscle pain. Cupping is safe for almost everyone and can be performed almost anywhere in the body. The sensation of the cups feels like a strong pressure and ce be moved around to feel like a massage. I offer static and gliding methods using plastic and silicone vacuum cups.


Muscle Scrapping or IASTM (Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) is a myofascial intervention used for soft tissue treatment. It is applied using instruments that are usually made of stainless steel with beveled edges and contours that can conform to different body anatomical locations and allows for deeper penetration. These instruments effectively break down fascial restrictions and scar tissues with the appropriate amount of pressure. Adhesions within the soft tissue which might have developed as a result of surgery, immobilization, repeated strain or other mechanisms, are broken down allowing full functional restoration to occur. The technique is performed for less than 10 minutes per area to avoid overworking the tissue. Some redness or tenderness may occur but will normally fade quickly. 



Flexibility is everything. It allows you to reach further, run faster, and play harder without the fear of being injured. Assisted stretching is the safest, and most effective way to improve your flexibility and your range of motion. Stretching the joint through comfortable ranges will allow you to achieve mobility in the surrounding muscles and connective tissue.